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Amazing app for a bartender. This app has made me hundreds of dollars throughtout its use. I love it. I love showing customers it. Great job, great idea. Cant thank you enough. Anyone using the free version, who has made a tip at work from using it, should buy it!!

No Ads (great) Scroll wheel ( not great )

Well I put my money where my mouth is to have ads removed. I dont use this program for work just recreation. In the Ingredients section you can add ingredients to a list and search for drinks with chosen ingredients. The problem is that the list of ingredients is so large that you have to scroll, scroll, scroll, and scroll some more to find your first ingredient. Then you have to scroll, scroll, scroll some more to enter your second ingredient. I would also like to see the Hot Beverage catagorie added. Other than issues above I think it is a great app that just needs some tweaking. Please tweak for that extra star. Thanks


Great app so worth it and Im a waitress so its REALLY good for tips!!

canadian point of view

Where is the Bloody Ceasar or Bloody Mary. In Canada the Bloody Ceasar is the cocktail, coast to coast. Otherwise very useful, but search could use Address Book like suggestions to narrow done the search quickly. That is why I cant give this application a 5. rand

index ingredients

The ingredients section should be indexed. It takes forever to scroll the list makes you wish theres another app that can do this.

Some improvement

Very nice progams.. Should be able to add some missing ingredients... and a way to add new drinks too index the ingredients too long to scroll (nerds: 1 shot of curacao 1 of sour puss (red one) in a shooter and add it in a glass fill with 2 shot of energy drink)

It doesnt have enough martinis recipes

I dont like it.

Come on

Try adding more than a few ingredients then tapping the button to proceed (hint: you cant). Try scrolling through hundreds of ingredients without keyboards, etc

Make the app fit the iPhone 5 screen

Make the app fit the iPhone 5 screen, everything looks so small with the size of the old iPhone on that screen!


I spent a lot of time entering my ingredients on the alphabetical ingredients wheel (very annoying) and time consuming. Could be executed as a "spell-correct" style to speed things up. Finally after I entered all the ingredients it barely let me hit the search button because it wouldnt scroll down far enough. Then BAM! Guess what? It gave me an alphabetical list of drinks but not just using the ingredients I entered but with ingredients I didnt have!!! Wtf??? Dont waste your .99 cents on this junk app.


I paid for this app and yet cant even use it because its crashing on me every time I want to use it.


Like it in concept, but app closes when you tap on the alpha list on right of screen. And the drink category buttons dont work. Boo!


freezes on random drinks


Crashes, screen glitches. Unusable. Baffling, since the free version is so good.

Worth it - with one important suggestion

I felt good paying the 2$ to support the developer of this app. However, I have some suggestions that I feel will greatly improve the app itself. First: for the ingredients section, it should deliver results that contain combinations of the ingredients rather than requiring all the ingredients to be in the drink. Example: I list four ingredients, but the results say there are no drinks with all the ingredients. What it should do instead is deliver results that contain, say, ingredients A and B for one drink, then another drink with ingredients A, C, and D, and maybe another one with B and C. That way it doesnt restrict the results by requiring the drink to contain all four, because oftentimes this will lead to no results. Also this will allow people to simply list the drinks they have sitting in their liquor cabinet and see what they can make even if it doesnt use all of them at once. That was what bothered me most, but mostly everything else works fine. Secondly, when adding ingredients there is a slight visual glitch that makes the "show results" button to appear at the top rather than the bottom. Thats all I have to report for now, all in all I am loving the app aside from my first and chief complaint. I would be very excited to see that addressed in a future update and I am confident it would greatly boost the usefullness of this app. With that fixed I would give it a 5/5.

Good Program, but still need some work

Hi, we like the Program - we replaced our Papercards with an iPod Touch But still it would be great to have the following add-ons: INGREDIENTS: Having the ability to scroll faster - similar to the Addressbook - and tap on the Ingredient rather than using the "Done" Button Having the ability to exclude Beverages, for example all Alcoholic Beverages, to get cool Drinks for "the appointed Driver!" OR certain Beverages that the Guest does not like but wants to try something NEW. RANDOM DRINK: Use the Gyroscope within the iPod/iPhone with the "Shake" Function (Urbanspoon uses it very well) or put a large Random Button in the middle of the screen rather than this tiny one in the Corner. Other Stuff: A few little Guides - a slideshows or a small video: Tips & Tricks for great looking Garnish Tips & Tricks to pour in different heavy Liquids to make great looking Presentations of Drinks Tips & Tricks for Cleaning certain Bar Tools

Worth the cost

Definitely worth it


i love this app. whether youre a certified bartender or an at home mixologist, this is an incredibly useful tool to be able to carry around in your pocket. i will say there are a few stability issues and occasional crashes however, and one MAJOR IMPROVEMENT that i hope gets addressed in a future update: the ingredients mixer part of the app is ALMOST ingenius... but as it is right now its pretty much completely useless to me. first little issue, scrolling through ingredients should be faster, like the ipod scrolling with the alphabet bar on the right. BUT THE MAIN PROBLEM: it should show you drinks you can make using a combination of ONLY the ingredients you entered. it doesnt do me any good to see what i can make using the ingredients i entered plus 3 ingredients I DONT HAVE. i agree COMPLETELY agree with someone elses review before mine: you should be able to select your 4 or 5 ingredients (or 10 or 20!) and have all sorts of drinks come up that use some (NOT ALL!) or the ingredients you entered. no extra ingredients needed! like what the other guy said: enter ingredients A B C D and E... and get results you can make with just A B and D, something you can make with B, C and E... something with A C D and E... etc. etc. THEN... you could just type in some of the things youve got laying around the house and see what you can make right then and there, WITHOUT having to go to the store. THAT WOULD BE SOOOO USEFUL FOR ANYONE!!!!! if that was possible, THEN i would give it 5 stars for sure. and probably a LOT more people would purchase this app. might even make it into an apple commercial. ;) otherwise, still LOVE this app, and sincerely hope to see an update in the future with these improvemnts!

Great App

This app is great!! My friends and I mix drinks all time, so now I have something to help us out. But whats up with not having Jager as an ingredient?! Thats my favorite drink and theres nothing for it...I would have given 5 stars, but I didnt cuz of no Jager! Please add in and update!!!

Doesnt have Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Still, a great app, has the most recipes and the most complete database I have seen (re: Florida cocktails). What would make this app perfect is an Add Drink feature for concocting your own, and even better, a way to submit created drink to online database. This would be coupled of course with an "online mode" for the app that made it search said online database as well as the internal one. This would take some discussion and/or planning to implement in a good way--because usability and speed would be crucial.

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