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Crashes, screen glitches. Unusable. Baffling, since the free version is so good.


freezes on random drinks


Like it in concept, but app closes when you tap on the alpha list on right of screen. And the drink category buttons dont work. Boo!


I paid for this app and yet cant even use it because its crashing on me every time I want to use it.


I have used this app, or tried to use it, on the last 3 versions of iPhone, 3 different operating systems. Under all drinks, when I touch a letter on the side scroll bar, the app dies. I have deleted the app, closed all apps, and performed a hard boot. After that, downloaded the app again, the same result. Worthless!


Wrote a review in January and I dont think anything has been fixed at all.

Used to be a good app

Doesnt work with IOS8. Keeps crashing. Disappointing because I really liked using this app before. Hope they provide a fix for this.

Not compatible with iOS 8

This app is not compatible with IOS 8!!! I cant pull up anything. It needs to be fixed. Ive paid money for this app & I want to use it!!!


It would be a great app, but it crashes when you try to scroll. Makes it frustrating and quite useless.

Doesnt work with iOS 7 or higher

Doesnt work with iOS 7 or higher

Not working. See below.

In the app under the tab all drinks, you have them listed alphabetical with a list from A to Z on the right side. Any tap on the alpha list shuts down the app. I can scroll the list but the will take all day. Please fix. And dont tell me I have to upgrade to iOS 7x


Good app but crashes when I tap letters on right of screen to advance down the list. I am using the 4S with current os


I got this app a while ago and it seemed to be good, but now all it does is kick me out every time I hit the alphabet bar on the right side. What happened?!!

Stay away

I cant believe I paid for this app. It used to be great. Now all it does is crash. How long do we have to wait for an update?


Thats it! Crashes all the time! No updates, nothing!


Keeps crashing when I try to switch between letters in "All Drinks" tab, ie; from A to T, crash, D to L, crash. Any jump between letters results in a crash. I dont want to scroll through the thousands of recipes to get to them.. Please fix it.


I spent a lot of time entering my ingredients on the alphabetical ingredients wheel (very annoying) and time consuming. Could be executed as a "spell-correct" style to speed things up. Finally after I entered all the ingredients it barely let me hit the search button because it wouldnt scroll down far enough. Then BAM! Guess what? It gave me an alphabetical list of drinks but not just using the ingredients I entered but with ingredients I didnt have!!! Wtf??? Dont waste your .99 cents on this junk app.

Make the app fit the iPhone 5 screen

Make the app fit the iPhone 5 screen, everything looks so small with the size of the old iPhone on that screen!


Crashes every 1 minute

Come on

Try adding more than a few ingredients then tapping the button to proceed (hint: you cant). Try scrolling through hundreds of ingredients without keyboards, etc

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