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8,500+ Drink & Cocktail Recipes Pro app for iPhone and iPad

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Developer: Webworks
0.99 USD

Yes. No advertisements.

Over 5,800 Drink & Cocktail recipes at the tap of your fingertips. Now you know what bartenders are putting into your expensive drinks. Drink & Cocktail Recipes databases typically cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. Were giving it away to you for a low fee. Probably for less than your usual bartenders tip.

* Add favorite drink recipes to your favorites list
* Browse through all of the drinks easily through an indexed list
* Use the search bar to easily find a specific recipe
* Search for drinks by ingredients!
* Jump to a drink category and find related drinks
* Or take a little risk and find yourself a random drink.

Note from Developer: If you cant afford to pay 1 dollar for the app, not to worry! A free version is available on the appstore as well and has ALL of the features of the pro version. The only difference is that it does contain banner advertisements.
We hope its a reasonable charge at $0.99. Think of it as a "tip." Enjoy folks!

Pros and cons of 8,500+ Drink & Cocktail Recipes Pro app for iPhone and iPad

8,500+ Drink & Cocktail Recipes Pro app good for

Amazing app for a bartender. This app has made me hundreds of dollars throughtout its use. I love it. I love showing customers it. Great job, great idea. Cant thank you enough. Anyone using the free version, who has made a tip at work from using it, should buy it!!
Great app so worth it and Im a waitress so its REALLY good for tips!!
This App. Is totally worth the 99 cents, I just wish the would add a few things, Jag to the ingredients!! And allow you to skip to a certian ingredient by tapping the letter it begins with! But dont let these minor details detur you from buying this App. It is a great App. Still and thats what reviews and App. Updates are for!!
Please dont by this app it only gives you recipies and the same pic comes up every time!!!!!!!!!
i just had my 21st birthday party and I used this app now all my friends tell me to bring this to their partys and we just mix drinks and have fun this app is awesome

Some bad moments

The ingredients section should be indexed. It takes forever to scroll the list makes you wish theres another app that can do this.
Try adding more than a few ingredients then tapping the button to proceed (hint: you cant). Try scrolling through hundreds of ingredients without keyboards, etc
Make the app fit the iPhone 5 screen, everything looks so small with the size of the old iPhone on that screen!
I spent a lot of time entering my ingredients on the alphabetical ingredients wheel (very annoying) and time consuming. Could be executed as a "spell-correct" style to speed things up. Finally after I entered all the ingredients it barely let me hit the search button because it wouldnt scroll down far enough. Then BAM! Guess what? It gave me an alphabetical list of drinks but not just using the ingredients I entered but with ingredients I didnt have!!! Wtf??? Dont waste your .99 cents on this junk app.
I paid for this app and yet cant even use it because its crashing on me every time I want to use it.
Like it in concept, but app closes when you tap on the alpha list on right of screen. And the drink category buttons dont work. Boo!

Usually 8,500+ Drink & Cocktail Recipes Pro iOS app used & searched for

foodnetwork, mixologist, and other. So, download free 8,500+ Drink & Cocktail Recipes Pro .ipa to run this nice iOS application on iPhone and iPad.