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No Update

DO NOT BUY THIS APP. Hasn’t updated in a very long time


Hi, I like to know how can I update the app to iOS 11? Can’t be open without upgrade... Thanks!!!


Fix it

Bad biz

Update this app so it can be used

Can’t even use anymore because they won’t update for iOS 11

I paid for this app and yet can't even use it because it's not been updated for iOS 11.

Pro Version App is no longer working in IOS 10.2.1

This app no no longer works on my iPhone 7 running IOS 10.2.1. Box appears and the screen freezes. Unable to do anything aside from re-installing. Please know I am running the Pro Version.

Crashes & Poor Usability

App crashes during each search. Does not create a long term inventory to search for recipes; only for ingredients per drink that requires an onerous search. Not worth the upgrade.

Doesnt work

iPhone 7 w/ OS 10.2. App seizes up. Restarting doesn't work. Get the free version instead.


Crashes, screen glitches. Unusable. Baffling, since the free version is so good.


freezes on random drinks


Like it in concept, but app closes when you tap on the alpha list on right of screen. And the drink category buttons don't work. Boo!


Don't buy locks up


I have used this app, or tried to use it, on the last 3 versions of iPhone, 3 different operating systems. Under all drinks, when I touch a letter on the side scroll bar, the app dies. I have deleted the app, closed all apps, and performed a hard boot. After that, downloaded the app again, the same result. Worthless!


Wrote a review in January and I don't think anything has been fixed at all.

Used to be a good app

Doesn't work with IOS8. Keeps crashing. Disappointing because I really liked using this app before. Hope they provide a fix for this.

Not compatible with iOS 8

This app is not compatible with IOS 8!!! I can't pull up anything. It needs to be fixed. I've paid money for this app & I want to use it!!!


It would be a great app, but it crashes when you try to scroll. Makes it frustrating and quite useless.

Doesn't work with iOS 7 or higher

Doesn't work with iOS 7 or higher

Not working. See below.

In the app under the tab all drinks, you have them listed alphabetical with a list from A to Z on the right side. Any tap on the alpha list shuts down the app. I can scroll the list but the will take all day. Please fix. And don't tell me I have to upgrade to iOS 7x


Good app but crashes when I tap letters on right of screen to advance down the list. I am using the 4S with current os


I got this app a while ago and it seemed to be good, but now all it does is kick me out every time I hit the alphabet bar on the right side. What happened?!!

Stay away

I can't believe I paid for this app. It used to be great. Now all it does is crash. How long do we have to wait for an update?


That's it! Crashes all the time! No updates, nothing!


Keeps crashing when I try to switch between letters in "All Drinks" tab, ie; from A to T, crash, D to L, crash. Any jump between letters results in a crash. I don't want to scroll through the thousands of recipes to get to them.. Please fix it.


Crashes every 1 minute

Save your money

Much better apps that give you more details. This is basic and lame!

Free version is way better!

DO NOT BUY. The free version of this app is better and has more features. I had the free version originally and thought by purchasing this I would be add free and have more features. While it is in fact add free it is lacking so much compared to free version. Super disappointed!


For some reason the owner of this app has not updated this app to stay on par with the free version. I have emailed them twice but no response of any kind. I don't understand why they have updated the free version at least twice but no updates for us paying customers - bad business!

Good but....

The free app is a lot better looking than the paid one which is disappointing. Please update with better visuals/features and make the paid version better!!!!!!!

Nice app but the free one is better.

I like this app but it is a real disappointment that their free version looks and works a lot better than the pay version. They really need to update so that both apps have the same quality.

Love it...but

Please add an update that allows submission suggestions to add to the library. Then I'd say 5 stars.

Great App

i just had my 21st birthday party and I used this app now all my friends tell me to bring this to their party's and we just mix drinks and have fun this app is awesome


Please don't by this app it only gives you recipies and the same pic comes up every time!!!!!!!!!

Awesome App. But....

This App. Is totally worth the 99 cents, I just wish the would add a few things, Jag to the ingredients!! And allow you to skip to a certian ingredient by tapping the letter it begins with! But don't let these minor details detur you from buying this App. It is a great App. Still and that's what reviews and App. Updates are for!!

Missing important feature

It looks like a good app with an easy to use interface. Good selection of recipes. Strangely it's missing a very basic feature - the ability to add your own recipes. Also the search by ingredients feature is not very intuitive since you have to scroll through a million ingredients to get to the end. You should be able to type an "s" and skip to the s section. Needs improvements.

Good app. Suggestions:

This is a good app with a nice layout. I would like to get rid of the scroll wheel for ingredients. It takes too long. Also would like to input what liquors I have and see what drinks I could make. Also a shopping list based on what I need for favorited drinks would be useful at the liquor store. GOOD APP!

Great App

For me, paying for the paid version is my way of saying "thanks" for the excellent free version.

Needs some small changes

I have only two complaints 1) needs a search by name feature 2) some of the ingredient names are to long and get cut off so you kinda have to guess what they are Problems will hopefully be fixed with an update


Just paid 99cents for an app that crashes every 30 seconds. Fix the bugs and it might be an amazing app =\

Drink search needs work

So far I like the application alot but finding drinks based in ingredients definitely needs some attention. I tried to search for drinks using Baileys Irish Cream and I found zero recipes. I then tried a drink search using Kahlua as the ingedient and I was presented with several results, the first few of which also contained Baileys. For most people, being able to find drinks based on the ingredients on hand will be the primary use for this app. Fix these issues and be inclined to give five stars.

Useful Application but...

Thousands of never heard of drinks, invites experimentation, Some ingredients such as creme de menthe is missing. Also some drinks not listed I would like to have seen (some are in common bartender guides) such as grasshopper, international stinger, Russian mule, etc. I wonder how many more were not included. Easy access to those that are listed.

Speaking as a professional bartender...

This app is very nifty and has tons of variations of classic drinks. It's very ideal for a night in with friends, finding what you like and just having a good time. That being said, from a professional point of view the recipes themselves are often lackluster. Aside from sometimes giving potentially hazardous advice (Shaking soda in a tin... DON'T DO THIS) MOST of the "classic" drinks are often modernized in some way and aren't the original recipes. Overall, I'd say it is definitely worth the purchase - just as long as you're not using it as a point of reference professionally. Otherwise, highly recommended!

Programming attention needed

WHen I load all of the ingredients I have it fills the screen and I cannot navigate to the bottom to "Now, tap here to search". It would also be nice to have it retain the ingredients I've already put in. This would save time the next time I use the app because it throws them all away but I still have most of the same ingredients, right?


I paid the $0.99 to support the dev, now please add some Jager drinks!

Needs improvment

Best drink database in the app store but needs improvment... Needs the ability to add new drinks in the app. Also missing some major drink ingredients... Jagger!

Doesn't have Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Still, a great app, has the most recipes and the most complete database I have seen (re: Florida cocktails). What would make this app perfect is an Add Drink feature for concocting your own, and even better, a way to submit created drink to online database. This would be coupled of course with an "online mode" for the app that made it search said online database as well as the internal one. This would take some discussion and/or planning to implement in a good way--because usability and speed would be crucial.

Great App

This app is great!! My friends and I mix drinks all time, so now I have something to help us out. But what's up with not having Jager as an ingredient?! That's my favorite drink and there's nothing for it...I would have given 5 stars, but I didn't cuz of no Jager! Please add in and update!!!


i love this app. whether you're a certified bartender or an at home mixologist, this is an incredibly useful tool to be able to carry around in your pocket. i will say there are a few stability issues and occasional crashes however, and one MAJOR IMPROVEMENT that i hope gets addressed in a future update: the ingredients mixer part of the app is ALMOST ingenius... but as it is right now its pretty much completely useless to me. first little issue, scrolling through ingredients should be faster, like the ipod scrolling with the alphabet bar on the right. BUT THE MAIN PROBLEM: it should show you drinks you can make using a combination of ONLY the ingredients you entered. it doesnt do me any good to see what i can make using the ingredients i entered plus 3 ingredients I DONT HAVE. i agree COMPLETELY agree with someone elses review before mine: you should be able to select your 4 or 5 ingredients (or 10 or 20!) and have all sorts of drinks come up that use some (NOT ALL!) or the ingredients you entered. no extra ingredients needed! like what the other guy said: enter ingredients A B C D and E... and get results you can make with just A B and D, something you can make with B, C and E... something with A C D and E... etc. etc. THEN... you could just type in some of the things you've got laying around the house and see what you can make right then and there, WITHOUT having to go to the store. THAT WOULD BE SOOOO USEFUL FOR ANYONE!!!!! if that was possible, THEN i would give it 5 stars for sure. and probably a LOT more people would purchase this app. might even make it into an apple commercial. ;) otherwise, still LOVE this app, and sincerely hope to see an update in the future with these improvemnts!

Worth the cost

Definitely worth it

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